but like… don’t we all smell like teen spirit????

Hey guys!

I’m sure you can tell by the name of my blog that I’m a HUGE Nirvana fan, Kurt Cobain particularly. I feel like that’s an understatement, let me put it this way: I would sell my first born child to have him write a song about me. I’d really like it if he was still alive, but oh well… we can’t always get everything we want. Right? I’ve pretty much read all the books and articles written about Kurt. In a recent one I read, I found out about the story behind the iconic song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and so I thought I’d share it with you all.

In the very beginning years of Nirvana, when Kurt was alive and was doing all the artsy shit that he did at the time, he was dating a girl named Tobi Vail, who was also in a rock band. They were stupid in love and spent all of their time together. They had a mutual friend, Kathleen Hanna, who was there with Kurt when he moved into his new apartment. She thought it would be a good idea to write “Kurt smells like teen spirit” on his brand new apartment wall. But by that, what she actually was referring to was the brand of the deodorant that Tobi was using at the time, Teen Spirit. So think about it guys, if it weren’t for Hanna, the song would’ve never even existed! I think we all owe her a big thank you.

I’ve been thinking. I think we all smell like teen spirit. Doesn’t matter if you’re 16, 32 or 57. We all have a little part of our teenager years stuck in us. Maybe it’s a crush that we had on someone in high school, or maybe it’s a fear that we developed. It carries onto the years ahead with us, never leaves us. The reasoning behind this I believe is the spoilt, emotional, dramatic teenager all of us have in the back of our minds. I’ve realized going to college, most high school seniors are looking for what they call a “fresh start”, which I think is the biggest bullshit. Hate to break it to you but THERE’S NO SUCH THING!!!!! No one can just leave the most climatic years of their lives in the past and start as a new person, and that’s okay! Don’t freak out about it.

Every once a while, I run into some people that make me question all this, it seems like they were born as 40 year olds and never got to live the best years of their lives. Those are the kinds of people that absolutely, truly, definitely, SUCK. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Think about it, we get one life (at least that’s what we’re told… maybe we’ll be back). Do you really wanna spend it following all those boring rules that the society wants us to follow? What they say is ok and what is not? I don’t think so, that doesn’t work for me. Don’t hurry to become an adult, from what I hear, it isn’t that great. Yeah of course you have all the clothes, privileges, no parents all the time telling you what to do, but also bills, responsibilities, jobs, and many other things that I can’t even think the names of.

What I mean is, in a nutshell, say yes. Say yes to eating that last piece of chocolate cake that you know you shouldn’t but it’s just too damn good. Say yes to breaking into your old  school just to feel some things one last time. Say yes to talking to that cute Hollister guy in the mall. JUST SAY YES. I promise, you won’t regret it.

So much love, Ada 🙂

2 thoughts on “but like… don’t we all smell like teen spirit????

  1. I love Nirvana, and if Kurt would be still alive, I would thank him on social media because his music got me started to learn the guitar back then. I did like all the songs and learned many of them, although at a later point I enjoyed his MTV Unplugged session the most (I just got tired of distortion pedals at some point lol and got a bit more bluesy or started to like ballades).

    For some reason my friends gave me a nickname that sounded very similar to Cobain, but a more “germanized” version of the name, haha. I think I didn’t get the nickname just because I also played many NIrvana songs with my guitar, it was also because I said “Yes” to insane ideas and actions, and maybe because I had a tendency to destroy guitars as well when I was too drunken, and yeah I hated rules of the society 😀 Good old times. Today I am more like a citizen of honour (laugh), I lost my revolutionary side, but that’s fine, I lived my young years fully 😀

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all this. I appreciate it!! It’s feels good to feel connected with people that get you. I have a feeling I would love your drunken self!! haha

      keep being awesome


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