ugh mondays

I am not an optimistic person. I don’t know why, I just never really knew how to be one. Even if I tried, all that positive stuff coming out of my mouth sounds like straight up bullshit. Most my friends tell me I’m cynical. I don’t like meeting new people and asking each other the overly-used and meaningless questions like “How are you? What do you do for living?What do your parents do?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice person, I really am. It’s just that I’m a nice person that doesn’t like to open up to new people. I don’t like all the rules that the society tells, or ORDERS, us to follow.

Here’s another thing that I have never been. A morning person. And I know, I know, you guys are going to think “well no one likes waking up early”. But guys, it really doesn’t matter what time I get out of bed, I WILL be in a bad mood for the next few hours. I will just be thinking about going back to bed and keep dreaming about the day I graduate. Especially lately, nothing that happens while I’m awake has been good. I know that sounds pretty depressing, but it’s true. I’ve been having a hard time trying to manage the whole trying to pick the best college for me and satisfy my parents somehow.

But this week. I feel it guys, this week is going to be good. I can’t tell how I know but I just feel it in my gut. I woke up this morning and my breakfast tasted better than usual. Maybe it was because I spent a lot of money on groceries this weekend or maybe it’s just a signal that for once in my life, I’m in a good mood on a Monday. So I hope that this gives you guys hope that you can have a good week too.

PS. I’m attaching a gif of Jessie Pinkman tripping cuz who can be in a bad mood after seeing that right???

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